Automated Ecommerce Data Migration Service

$39- Unlimited data


WooCommerce 2.5+



Transfer products, variants, images, customers, orders, addresses, categories and more.

You be ,
leave the boring stuff to us !


Migrate in your own time. Direct connection, no plugins.

Ecom Exodus provides a true "web application" experience.

Simply enter your shopping cart connection information and...
  • Read, write, delete. You control the migration of your store.
  • Perform partial reads and/or writes, only getting or writing new entities or updated entities.
  • Close your browser, reopen, log in and view the progress of long running transfers.
  • Delete from your destination or mark entities as deleted to perform full re-writes.
  • Asynchronous long running tasks provide cancel functionality.
Please visit our about page for more general information.
For detailed help documentation please visit HowTo

How long will it take?

WooCommerce Read

Very Fast 10+ entities per second.

WooCommerce API is very fast, only large images attached to products will slow down the process.

Shopify Write

Very Slow ~1 product per second with images, ~2 orders or customers per second.

Shopify throttles API create calls to a maximum of 2 per second which combined with them not allowing multiple entities to be created at once will mean this process will take a long time if you have a lot of data.

$39Unlimited data 3 reads and writes.
(valid for 28 days from date of purchase)
Any combination of full reads or updates allowed including changing destination systems.
Error Logging and Data Cleansing
EcomExodus fixes then reports on many validation errors when reading and writing your data, allowing you to make a choice to repair the data or accept the automated fixes (where possible).
Having 3 reads and writes allows you to repair those duplicate SKU's and incorrect email addresses and re-do your transfer.

Get updated data?

If you are transferring a large site you can leave your source site running, read and write the bulk of the data to the destination then get any added or updated products, customers or orders by choosing "Get New Or Updated Entities Since Last Read" from the WooCommerce read tab.

NOTE: EcomExodus has a simple product arrangement, you pay for reads and writes either full or partial. $39 3 reads, 3 writes.

What is transferred?

WARNING: Shopify throttles create calls to a maximum of 2 per second which combined with them not allowing multiple entities to be created at once will mean this process will take a long time if you have a lot of data. No such issue exists when leaving Shopify, they allow 250 entities to be read per call.

WooCommerce Data Entity Maps to Shopify Notes
Product Variants  
Product Options  
Product Images Product images are encoded and uploaded to Shopify as part of the create product process, depending on file sizes this does make product creation in Shopify slower, ~1 per second.
Product Images for Variants Unfortunately there is no way to specify the image for a variant when creating a Shopify product, you have to create the product images and link each variant afterwards. Since Shopify throttles API calls to 2/second this could concievably increase the time for a Shopify write process by an order of magnitude.
Product Inventory Inventory quantity is supported for all cases of single product, variant and variant with manage stock set.
Product Categories Shopify uses collections rather than a hierarchical category system. The transfer will create each of the categories as a collection in sequence, eg. DVD->Family will become 2 collections with each product in the Family category assigned 2 collection entries, DVD and Family.
Product Category Images Shopify does not support images for it's collections.
Product Reviews  
Product Manufacturers WooCommerce does not support manufacturers out of the box.
Customer Addresses  
Customer Passwords WooCommerce passwords are not exposed via their API.
Order Items  
Order Payment Types  
Order Credit Card Details Neither WooCommerce or Shopify allow the storing of credit card information.
Order Customer Addresses  
Shipping Line Items and Totals  
Order Line Item Tax and Total Tax  
Order Status Mapping
WooCommerce Order Status Shopify Fulfillment Status Shopify Financial Status
Pending Unfulfilled Pending
Processing Unfulfilled Pending
Pending Payment Unfulfilled Pending
Fulfilled Fulfilled Paid
Cancelled Unfulfilled Voided
Failed Unfulfilled Voided
Default for any other custom steps Unfulfilled Pending

What this service does:
  • Transfers site related data
  • Transfers all product and variant images
  • Please contact us if we have missed any data !
What this service does not do:
  • Transfer templates
  • Transfer backgrounds or look and feel images
  • Transfer CSS styles
  • Provision systems
  • Update DNS records