About Our Service.

Shane At Work
Visual Studio, virtual machines, coffee, fitball and me...

Hi and welcome to EcomExodus.

My name is Shane and I am partner, architect and lead developer in this most excellent service.

I've been working almost exclusively in web development since 2001 (after graduating Computer Science 1995) and helped creating some very successful online businesses.

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile if you are curious.

What can you expect from this service?

With a barrage of tests being run for every release I can assure you it will work for a non modified site.

Details on what gets transferred, how the data is mapped and how long will it take.

But who doesn't modify their online store?

Pretty much nobody of course and the quality of the mods available to store owners is as varied as the mods themselves.

Some mods replace the schema of the stored information rather than extend, some mods change the schema without updating the API, either breaking or causing the API to return incorrect data.

So will this service work for me?

No idea, which is why we offer a free test service.

The free test is designed to discover if EcomExodus can maintain data integrity for your site.

The process is:

  • Read the first 20 orders
  • Read products, variants, images, manufacturers ... for those orders
  • Read category tree
  • Read customers and addresses for those orders

You can then review the results in our "View Stored Data" tab for the transfer, if the data looks correct you can write the test data to your destination to fully test the process.

My test data seems to have transferred, will ALL my data be transferred?

Possibly, data validation rules vary from platform to platform and ExcomExodus uses a flexible middle model to allow transferring your data to different platforms.

EcomExodus will try and fix the most obvious examples like WooCommerce allowing duplicate SKU's when no other system will allow this.

OsCommerce, while requiring an email address for a customer does not care if the email address is valid.
Shopify however does a reverse DNS lookup on the addresss so will fail "johndoe@madeupsite123.com".
That customer will not be able to be transferred to Shopify without fixing the source email address.

I encountered errors !

EcomExodus will log all the errors for you to review and decide on a strategy to fix them.

Your choices are:

  • Fix the source, re-read updated entities (or re-read all, dependent on platform) and rewrite updated data to destination.
  • Log into the destination admin panel and update/recreate the missing data.

Either way $39- unlimited data has got to be easier than hours of messing around with csv's and ftp'ing images.

EcomExodus is wholly owned and operated by Shane and Sheridan Parkinson. (ABN 64680559931).